White North Carolina Man Who Brutally Punched 11-Years-Old Black Girl In Viral Video Escapes Jail Time

White North Carolina Man Who Brutally Punched 11-Years-Old Black Girl In Viral Video Escapes Jail Time

David Steven Bell, the White North Carolina man who, 2019, viciously punched 11-year-old Black Girl served no jail time despite pleading guilty to assault.

Early last year, media reports carried the news of a 51-year old white man who was caught on camera brutally punching an under 12-years-old black girl to the ground during an altercation which took place at the Asheville Mall in North Carolina on January 12, 2019.

In the video recorded through a cell phone, a group of black girls appear to be together when Bell told the group to “break it up”. The girls, however, surrounded Bell and apparently taunted him. He turned and pushed one of the girls who charged right back at him. Bell, caught her with a left hook which sent her instantly reeling on the floor and forced the rest of the kids to disperse.

Bell who is 6-foot-5inches tall and weighs 250 pounds, was arrested after the incident, and charged with one count of assault on a female under 12 and two counts of assault on a female. He pleaded guilty to Class A-1 misdemeanour assault on a child under 12-years-old and one Class A-1 misdemeanour count of assault on a female for pushing a teenage girl, According to the Buncombe County District Attorney. A third charge relating to an alleged assault on a female, but was dismissed after multiple unsuccessful efforts to subpoena and contact the victim in that case.

Despite facing up to 450 days in prison, Bell would serve no jail time for the incident. He was, however, ordered to participate in anger management counselling and a racial justice workshop according to Asheville Citizen-Times.“Bell was sentenced to one 60 day suspended sentence and was placed on unsupervised probation for a period of 12 months,” District Attorney Todd Williams told the media outfit.

In addition, Bell was ordered to partake in a racial justice workshop within 90 days, as well as, to complete anger management counselling. He would also pay court fees totalling less than $200.

The video, viewed over 260,000 times, drew lots of criticism for Bell who was criticized for assaulting the underage girl. However, Bell’s attorney, Andy Banzhoff, in defence of his client action, said Bell was undergoing treatment for a traumatic brain injury and suffered PTSD. He added that―in addition to defending himself from the kids―he was only defending a woman who the youths were allegedly harassing at a bookstore.  After her departure, the kids had set upon him.

“His actions were in an effort to defend himself against the perceived threat from a large pack of youth who had trapped and surrounded him,” Banzhoff said. “His actions were not motivated by any animus towards the persons in that group. Mr. Bell’s belief is that all persons are created equal and that we are all children of God,” he added.

No official police statement was made to confirm or deny Bhanzhoff’s statement. Bell has since finished his sentence and bonded out of jail.



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