White Off-Duty Cop Pins 14-Year-Old Boy Face Down On Pavement For ‘Moving’ His Son’s Bike, Family Demands Criminal Charges

White Off-Duty Cop Pins 14-Year-Old Boy Face Down On Pavement For ‘Moving’ His Son’s Bike, Family Demands Criminal Charges

A Chicago family has accused a police officer of racial profiling and using excessive force on their 14-year-old son, and the officer is now under fire. The boy’s mother is outraged after watching a video of the incident and feels that her son’s civil rights have been violated.

Nicole Nieves said that on Friday, July 1, just before the Fourth of July holiday weekend, she received a call from her son, who she said was sobbing uncontrollably because an adult had accused him of stealing, put him down in front of his friends, and used his knee to pin him to the ground so that he could not move.

Her kid contacted her “stumbling over his words through frantic sobbing, asking, Mom, please come pick me up,” she wrote, according to the Daily Beast.”

The man who claimed to be an off-duty police officer and said that the teenager had stolen his son’s bike alarmed the child.

He’s taking my son’s bike, the unidentified father can be heard yelling on video outside the Starbucks in the Park Ridge district.

In the video, other teenagers speak up in an effort to correct the man. “No, he’s not,” one responds.

However, this did not stop the man from snatching and abusing the child. The boy’s friends, who look to be Caucasian kids, were unfazed by this. The boy’s friends begged the man to “Get off him” when he was laying face-down on the ground.

Eventually, the man yields the boy some comfort, and the teens scuffle to get the teen away from him.

Nieves and her husband, Angel, discussed what it was like to hear their son pleading for the man to stop in an interview with FOX 32.

Get off of me, please, our son is crying out in shattered sobs and painful cries, says Nieves.

The mother is now seeking action from the law enforcement agencies and has retained attorney Antonio Romanucci to represent her son’s interests. According to Park Ridge police chief Frank Kaminski, the family has filed a criminal complaint and wishes to press charges.

When asked about the probability of action being taken against the officer, the chief said, “Yes, there is the potential of charges. We have taken this very seriously, and I personally find the images in that video we got very disturbing.”

The officer and what appears to be excessive force and profiling are both under investigation, according to the Chicago Police Department. The agency has launched an internal inquiry, and the Civilian Office of Police Accountability has added its voice and is beginning an inquiry.

The attorney describes what his client claims to have occurred. The youngster was simply moving the man’s son’s bike off the sidewalk after it had been obstructing the path and allowing him to pass on his own cycle.

“When he tried to move that unknown bike, he was approached by a man who behaved aggressively and pinned him to the ground on his stomach and put a knee in his back. The officer used excessive force on a child. He escalated a situation where no aggression was necessary at all,” said Romanucci.

In a press conference on July 6, Nieves asserts that her kid was unquestionably racially profiled and falsely accused of being a criminal due to his skin color.

The mother stated, “We see the bias of an off-duty police officer taking advantage of a Brown youngster with Afro-hair, smaller in stature, and deciding to take the law into his own hands with physical force.” He clearly mistreated his position of power, which was intended to keep my son safe.”

She continued, “What do we see? We see a scared, yet controlled, and eerily calm child underneath the force of a grown man pressing down on him excessively with physical force. A grown man who did not use his words before using violence.”

“There is no doubt our client was racially profiled,” Romanucci added. 

He stated that “our client was the only person of race in the crowd.” “A young man whom he believed to be stealing a bike where he had no knowledge, interviews, evidence, or anything else at all, but just took it upon himself to enforce the law in another jurisdiction.”

According to NBC 5, the boy’s mother also praised the other kids who assisted her son, calling them “brave and courageous.”

Romanucci praised the kids’ actions and added that their bravery and dedication to their friend might have actually saved his life.

The attorney said, “If it was not for the boys, there’s no telling what may have happened.”

Local law enforcement is aware of the man’s identity despite the fact that the officer’s name has not been made public.

He identified himself and described the disturbance to other cops who had responded to a call after the event.

Nieves is now worried that her son may have scars from this altercation and that people would hastily support the cop based on the video.

Many people will see the video and have opinions, she said. All teenage males these days are troublemakers; he shouldn’t have touched other people’s stuff, and so on. He must have done something first. Even though it is difficult to imagine how much worse things could have been, it was an extremely terrible event for all of us.

She is not the only person who is worried. Angel Nieves, the boy’s father, is also. Our son is fine physically, he remarked, echoing his wife. At this time, we are worried about both his mental and emotional well-being.






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