White Officers Tackled Black Woman To The Ground And She Had A Miscarriage

White Officers Tackled Black Woman To The Ground And She Had A Miscarriage

A Tennessee lady claims she had a miscarriage as a result of her violent arrest in March 2020, which was seen on tape.

Kesha Gray, 31, had previously filed a lawsuit alleging that her rights were violated when she was subjected to excessive force and wrongfully arrested and imprisoned without reasonable suspicion or probable cause by Shelby County and Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies.

Gray told Atlanta Black Star, “I believe the total event might have been averted if [officers] had the right training.” The mother of three children, ages 8, 11, and 13, stated she had a miscarriage as a result of the brutal arrest.

Gray was strolling along a street in the Memphis neighborhood of Cordova on March 29, 2020, when she was accosted by deputies responding to a domestic dispute report.

She and her fiancé had gotten into a fight while driving down the street looking for real estate. Gray got out of the car and walked down the road to cool off.

Witness Chris Hodge, who reported the alleged domestic abuse, made up a scenario involving excessive violence and an attempted kidnapping, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by Atlanta Black Star. According to the lawsuit, Hodge reportedly approached Gray’s fiancé’s vehicle, brandishing a gun, and told him to leave.

”Shortly after threatening Fiancé’s life, Hodge dialed 911 and staged an elaborate domestic assault that he described as an attempted kidnapping that included extreme physical violence such as a headlock, choking, and punching, presumably to establish a record to justify his brandishing of a firearm should either Plaintiff or her Fiancé report him to law enforcement.

Deputies confronted Gray, according to a witness. Gray told FOX13 that she tried to explain to officers that there had been a misunderstanding, but the officer insisted on making a report despite her protests.

Gray explained, “I didn’t identify myself because I didn’t want to turn something into nothing.”

The deputy is seen strolling behind Gray in the video, which was filmed by someone driving on the road beside the sidewalk where Gray was walking.

Gray says in the video, “He’s trying to arrest me for walking.” “Because I’m not going to tell him anything.”

Gray was then approached by two more cop vehicles. Gray was then approached by three deputies, who battled with her while she urged them not to touch her.

The driver got out of the car and proceeded to record. “She’s expecting a child… The driver stated, “They won’t let her walk.” Gray was pushed down on the roadway by officers as she pleaded with them to let her go.

Gray was placed in a cop car about two minutes after the video began.

Gray was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, but the charges were dropped, according to a complaint filed last year. She said that being tackled to the ground in the street caused her to miscarry.

“Unfortunately, it did result in a miscarriage,” Gray informed the media of the traumatic incident. “That’s something I’m still working through, trying to process right now,” she continued.

“We’d been trying for a long to conceive. As you might guess, I was overjoyed when that occurred, because you don’t anticipate life to be taken away from you so fast and in such a way.”

Gray’s constitutional rights are allegedly violated, and the lawsuit seeks specific damages. She is advocating for better training for deputies.

Gray claimed that she tried to keep her three children in the dark about what had happened to her, but they learned about it via their acquaintances. She told Atlanta Black Star, “This was something we had to protect kids from.” “We had to carry on with our lives as if nothing had happened.”

“I feel like there are two justice systems,” she told FOX13. There are two Americas, and I was quickly absorbed into the other.”

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