White People Want To Stop The Teaching Of The History Of Racism Against Black People In America

White People Want To Stop The Teaching Of The History Of Racism Against Black People In America

The last three years have seen republican senators, scholars, TV shows hosts, politicians, and many others push bills and narratives that hope to criminalize and censor the teaching of the brutality of slavery, reconstruction, Jim crow, and every other act of racism against black people in America.

They are doing this by attacking a legal framework put together by African-American scholars, which is called Critical Race Theory.

The truth till this very time of reading this book is that many white people and those who support them, do not have a consensus on what their definition of “Critical Race Theory” is. They all know and express what they fear, which is the “teaching of America’s racists past in schools”, but they do not have a way of stopping the wave of the revealing-history sweeping across America, so they deployed a twisted narrative of ‘Critical Race Theory’, in an attempt to hide the very foundations of racism in which America evolved in.

Numerous white supremacists are of the strong opinion that the facts and propositions that support Critical Race Theory are an attempt to rewrite American history and persuade white people that they are innately racist and should feel guilty as a result of their socioeconomic advantages.

But thanks to this new book by renowned Black historians, which exposes the agenda which is to stop the teaching of the true history of racism in America.

Book Title: The Attack On Critical Race Theory: The Reverse-Racism Attempts By Parts Of White America To Subdue Black Anti-Racism And Block Recounts Of America’s Racist History From Slavery To Date

New Book Which Defends Critical Race Theory And The Teaching Of America’s Racist History In Schools

You can read more about this and the book itself on Amazon ==> https://amzn.to/3mpV6OE







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