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White Privilege: White Woman Gets Only Probation For Attacking And Spitting On Black Activist

White Privilege White Woman Gets Only Probation For Attacking And Spitting On Black Activist

After being caught on film spitting on a Black activist at a rally, a Connecticut court on Wednesday approved a 45-year-old White woman’s entry into a special probation program.

According to The Associated Press, Yuliya Gilshteyn was charged with a host of criminal offenses in connection with the event, including third-degree attempt to commit assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, and risk of injury to a child.

Gilshteyn, on the other hand, may be able to have her criminal records expunged if she completes the program, which is only for first-time offenders. Gilshteyn must also take a 100-hour anti-hate class within two years, in addition to probation. Initially, the accused was charged with breach of peace, but prosecutors reportedly upgraded the charges after reviewing video footage of the incident.


During a rally outside the Connecticut State Capitol on January 6, Black Lives Matter activist Keren Prescott got into an argument with Gilshteyn, resulting in the spitting incident. On the same day, pro-Trump supporters stormed the border into the United States. In an attempt to get the presidential election results annulled, Capitol has filed a lawsuit.

During the rallies at the Connecticut State Capitol, video footage showed Gilshteyn, who is opposed to mandatory vaccinations for children, spitting at Prescott. According to The Associated Press, the Black activist was yelling “Black Lives Matter” and other slogans with a companion when Gilshteyn responded by informing her that “all lives matter.”

This provoked a debate. During the back-and-forth, Prescott claimed she urged Gilshteyn to back up since the accused was not wearing a face mask, despite COVID-19’s ubiquity. Gilshteyn then continued to spit in her face, hitting her glasses and mask, according to Prescott.

Gilshteyn apologized to Prescott throughout the hearing, saying what she did was “totally out of character.” The Hartford Courant stated that Prescott called Gilshteyn’s sentence “the embodiment of white privilege.”


Prescott told the news source, “When she attacked me and the police didn’t believe me, that was white privilege.” “It was white privilege when the cops held me back while she was dragged away. White privilege is the fact that she was in here today and didn’t even get a slap on the wrist.”

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