Rochester Teacher Who Made Black Students Pick Cotton And Wear Shackles Has Been Placed On Leave

White Rochester Teacher Who Made Black Students Pick Cotton And Wear Shackles Has Been Placed On Leave

A Rochester teacher has been placed on leave after being accused of discriminatory behavior, including forcing Black students to pick cotton during a seventh-grade lesson. Patrick Rausch, a teacher at Rochester’s School of the Arts, allegedly put his predominantly Black students in handcuffs and leg shackles, according to the Democrat & Chronicle.

Two kids who told their mothers about Rausch said the teacher called himself “massah” and didn’t seem to mind when White pupils in his class complained. However, this did not apply to African-American students.

Precious Tross, a mother of a student, remarked, “I almost drove off the road.” Tross also posted about the incident on her Facebook page. In reference to her kid, she remarked, “She’s scarred; she feels belittled.” “He created a mockery of slavery.” How dare you.”

The district confirmed Rausch’s instruction in which the pupils were forced to pluck cotton. The district also stated that the acts of the White instructor were “very concerning,” and that he had been placed on administrative leave.

“The district takes these circumstances very seriously,” the school board stated in a statement, “as statements of what transpired in the classroom by the school community are quite concerning.”

Vialma Ramos, another mother, claimed Rausch used racist insults while discussing her son’s developmental condition. “I’ve been fighting for Jahmiere to be involved in everything his peers are doing, and this man degraded him, ridiculed him, and made him hate being Black,” Ramos added. “I was taken aback.”

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, the two students reportedly told their mothers that a White teacher made Black students wear handcuffs and leg shackles during a lecture at the start of the year. “It’s OK; your predecessors couldn’t either,” Rausch told the students when they couldn’t free themselves.

Tross and Ramos have stated that they do not want Rausch to return to teaching. The school district is presently investigating the situation.

“If that’s what happened,” School Board President Cynthia Elliott said, “it’s terrible, upsetting, and it shouldn’t be going on.” “I’m not sure why someone would want to educate Black and brown pupils in Rochester if that’s how they feel.”






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