White Truck Driver Who Slashed Neck Of Black Man Gets 16 Years For Hate Crime

White Truck Driver Who Slashed Neck Of Black Man Gets 16 Years For Hate Crime


In connection with the event, a 27-year-old truck driver was sentenced to 16 years in jail for slicing the neck of a Black man in an unprovoked attack.

Nolan Levi Strauss, who was charged with a federal hate crime involving an attempt to kill, was sentenced on Thursday after pleading guilty to the December 2019 incident, according to The Associated Press. The victim, Ronnell Hughes, was critically injured and required emergency surgery as a result of the incident. He had jugular vein and thyroid cartilage damage, and it took months of physical therapy for him to regain his voice and movement in his neck and arm.


Despite the fact that Strauss’ lawyer said the attack was precipitated by a manic episode brought on by the accused’s failure to take his mental health medication, prosecutors claimed the event was racially motivated.

Hughes was allegedly stabbed in the neck by Strauss at an Arby’s near the Idaho border. Hughes had to get violent with Strauss during the incident in order to defend himself. Workers at the truck stop later restrained Strauss.

Prosecutors claim that when an employee questioned Strauss why he went after Hughes, he said, “Because he was Black and I don’t like Black people.”

After being caught, the accused guy told authorities that the attack was racially motivated and expressed his hatred for Black people.

Hughes claimed he had no idea Strauss was about to attack him because “he crept up behind” him while he was seated. “I don’t have any enemies, so someone sneaking up on me and attempting to take my life… The 49-year-old Black guy told the court, “I’m upset at someone I don’t even know.”

Strauss apologized for the attack, which he conceded was racially motivated during his trial. “I apologise profusely for what I did. In my right mind, I wouldn’t do that,” the 27-year-old stated. “I’m relieved that he made it.”

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