White Woman Who Turned Skin Black Hopes To Have Black Baby With White Husband (2)

White Woman Who Turned Skin Black Hopes To Have Black Baby With White Husband

Controversial Martina Big, a German model who was born white but now identifies as black after having an unusual skin-darkening operation, is hopeful that she and her white husband will conceive a black child.

Martina expressed these comments on ITV’s This Morning with Holly Willoughby and John Barrowman.

“My skin is darkening, and my developing hair is changing, becoming curlier and darker,” she explained.

She stated that the doctors told her that having a white baby with her husband was a possibility.

“Yes, [the doctors] predict that [the kid] will be black.”

“We don’t have any plans, but I’m routinely talking with my doctor if my body is okay, if [having] a baby is okay if breastfeeding is okay, and how the baby will look…” She continued.

Willoughby then said, “And if that baby is not – because I’m trying to think how that’s possible biologically… I don’t see how that’s possible genetically.”

“If it isn’t, will you feel close if you have a white child, or will you feel it’s not related to you?” she asked.

“No it’s a mix of Michael and me, I’m pretty sure it will be black, or milk chocolate, or a little bit lighter, it doesn’t matter,” Martina responded.

Martina Big, who was born in Germany, has drastically altered her appearance. She now considers herself a “Black German.”

Martina has had her legs, waist, and hips shortened, many breast augmentations, lip injections, and a treatment that has caused her complexion to darken over time since 2012.

Martina legally changed her race with the German authorities to Black in 2017.

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