Reports Say Over 199,000 Black Girls Have Been Kidnapped In America In The Last 10 Years

Reports Say Over 199,000 Black Girls Have Been Kidnapped In America In The Last 10 Years

I wonder why we find the knowledge of Black-Americans disappearance less disturbing when we should be asking, where are they?

Despite black Americans representation of about 12.85% of the total population of America, black Americans have accounted for nearly 226,000 or 34% of all-American missing persons reported in 2012. A number greater when compared to the Whites and Hispanics who combine to contribute to 80.1% of the population, but account for only 60% of missing persons.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, about 135,000 Blacks and 64,000 African-American women and girls have been declared missing over the years, and that they have not been found till today. There have also been less media exposure on the disappearance of these Black females, which is unfortunate.

According to a 2010 report titled “Missing Children in National News Coverage” pointed out by Essence, which found that black children accounted for 33.2% of missing children that year, but the media exposure was an unimpressive percentage of 19.5%.

Black lives seem not to matter.

Could the dark past of the American medical history of its exploitation of blacks, hold an important clue?

Sources like, NewsAfricanMagazine, and many others, speak of the 19th-century medical plantation to have been one where black women’s body was imagined as the ideal test subjects of research and innovation and from within the practice modern gynecology grows.

Sadly enough, this exploitation has never stopped, especially as it had succeeded before. In fact, it has become a market as cells secretly harvested, and later cultivated from a black woman becomes a source of all cells used for medical research- vaccines, cloning, testing, etc.

Have you heard about Melanin?

Melanin is not just a color, badly pale people (white) actually need it. They go as far as sniffing nasal sprays to increase their melanin.

Meladine is an example.

Meladine is an accessory to a Surgical Laser Instruments used for Hair Removal. It enhances the effects of lasers for the treatment of non-pigmented hair by depositing natural melanin into the hair follicle which aids the laser in targeting the hair follicle for removal.

Where do they get this “natural melanin” that has to be so frequently applied? Do you not wonder?

Let us take a study of Henrietta Lacks, whose cells from her tumor are the source of all medical research cells. What do you think made her cells so special?

It is because they would not die, they can be kept alive and they can grow, unlike other cells that were observed, as discovered by George Gey, a researcher, who went further to name her cells sample “HeLa”.

HeLa’s cells were the first black person’s cells that was harvested and tested, showing the difference in melanin compared to the cells of a white.

Melanin goes far beyond avoiding skin cancer. It is the key to life itself.

Although, 70- 80% of Europeans have a calcified pineal gland which is responsible for the production of melanin (skin pigmentation), melatonin (the hormone that induces sleep), and seratonin (responsible for strong mental health and happiness), black people have a fully functioning pineal gland and the albinos do not. And though, the albinos can produce a child of color, it is not the same for Europeans.

Melanin is also a natural skin block from the UV rays of the sun, that is why the whites use Sunscreen which is an artificial melanin.

Also, melanin basically converts sunlight into vitamin D which is essential for bone growth, and the natural protection against diseases.

So could the white’s need for and application of melanin, hold another important clue for these black’s disappearance?

These and many more are the questions which are begging for answers as the number of Black girls and women continue to increase in America.

While we ask these questions, it is also important for our people to be vigilant and more concerned about the life of the next Black person. As Africans, our original culture demands that every child is taken care of by the community. We are one people, and it is our duty to look after and protect our young ones, especially the women.

This article might not be pointing directly to the medical institutions for the abduction of Black girls and women, but it is important for our people to use their tongue to count their teeth, and learn from the lessons of history, how Black people have been used for medical experiments. If they could do it for 100 years, they can still do it today.






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