Wife Of Black Rugby Player Killed By Honolulu Police Wants Officers To Be Held Accountable

Wife Of Black Rugby Player Killed By Honolulu Police Wants Officers To Be Held Accountable

The widow of a South African rugby player who was fatally shot by Honolulu police is calling for an investigation into what happened to her husband.

Lindsay Myeni, whose husband, Lindani, was slain by police officers in April, told ABC News that she wants to see a number of reforms made to the way the state police are run. In particular, she wants the cops who shot him to be held accountable, and she wants implicit bias training to be made mandatory in order to combat racism in law enforcement. If it had been a white man, I believe in my heart that he would still be alive…”, Myeni explained that she would be walking around. According to the news outlet, she has filed a wrongful death claim against the estate.

Police in Honolulu shot Lindani four times on April 14 after he erroneously walked into a house that he allegedly mistook for a nearby public temple, according to authorities.

This Monday, the Bickerton Law Group made public a video taken by a doorbell camera that shows Lindani arriving at the residence, taking his shoes off, entering the house, and then immediately leaving. On the 911 call, the father of two children can be heard repeatedly saying, “I’m sorry,” to the couple who was renting the house from him.

Lindani can also be seen putting his shoes back on and walking back to his car in the video. When the Honolulu police come, the woman can be heard yelling, “That’s him! That’s him!” “He’s still in the car!” said the driver. While approaching Lindani, one of the officers orders him to, “Get on the ground.” When the officers approached Lindani, they used a stun gun to subdue him before firing four shots in his direction. The video also discloses that the police officers who shot him identified themselves after the incident.

During a press conference following the shooting, acting Deputy Chief Allan Nagata of the Honolulu Police Department said that the officers were engaged in a “fight for their life.” Although Nagata acknowledges that the cops did not identify themselves before shooting, he claims that it was obvious they were police officers, even in the dark, according to the Associated Press.

The Honolulu Police Department told ABC News this week that they are investigating the shooting and that the officers involved have been placed on desk duty as a result of the incident.


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