Zimbabwe Is Giving Back Land And $38.8 Million To White Farmers - Is This Right

Zimbabwe Is Giving Back Land And $38.8 Million To White Farmers – Is This Right?

In a world full of injustice, bullying, racism, and sheer diplomatic cut-throats, Zimbabwe has been bullied and coerced into giving back their ancestral lands to white farmers, who majorly got them through colonial theft and other diplomatic manoeuvrings.

Anyone from Africa who is familiar with the woes and sufferings of Zimbabwe (for the last two decades) will know/remember that the Western world waged an economic war on Zimbabwe after Late President Robert Mugabe seized over 5,000 farms and lands from white farmers, back in the year 2000.

His pro-African act, to liberate his people, was not welcomed by the colonizers, so they came for him. They placed all sorts of sanctions on Zimbabwe, and their economy crippled.

This was intended on making the Government of Robert Mugabe look bad, and for the people to revolt. One way or the other, the white farmers and their governments in Europe, wanted to exercise rights over lands that belonged to the indigenous people – lands that were forcefully taken when Europe invaded Africa at the end of the 19th century.

Mugabe was a conscious Pro-African, who saw the European and colonial excesses in Africa as an insult to the Black man, his heritage, his present and his future. He sought to reclaim the land, but Europe and her allies fought back venomously.

The West painted Mugabe as a dictator and Tyrant – all lies, in order to raise opposition against him and create enemies for him within his people. To an extent they succeeded in doing just that.

Today, he is dead and gone, and it seems his successor does not have the balls to hold off the European and his unholy adventure in Africa. Some others might argue that his policies would help in reversing the economic diasater of Zimbabwe.

So, after much international bullying, the Southern African nation of Zimbabwe is returning 800 lands, and $38.5 million to the white farmers.

What is more outrageous is that the white farmers have demanded a compensation of $7 Billion to this effect, according to the details of their negotiations with the Zimbabwean government.

Reports say that the present Zimbabwean government has set up a compensation plan in which the supposed dispossesed farmers, who are said to be citizens of nations who have bilateral investment agreements with Zimbabwe, will get lands and money.

These countries, which the white farmers are drawn from, are Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, South-Africa, and of course Zimbabwe’s colonial ruler, Britain.

This news comes to us which much pain as it points to the fact that Africa is not free, and is continually exploited by European governments and interests.

When will Africa be free?

This is a question that every Black person walking the earth, should ask himself or herself.






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